Saturday 10 December 2011

Zulutrade live results 11 December 2011

Profit for the week £17.20 (195 pips)
Loss since start £29.30 (+192 pips)

It was a difficult week trading the Eur/USD and GBP/USD pairs were extremely volatile all week. Below shows signal provider results for the week, I promised myself I would stop manual trading but caved in again. Overall I am happy with the progress I am making, but it is very slow progress at the moment and there is always the temptation to fight manual trading.

Sunday 4 December 2011

Zulutrade live results 2 December 2011

Loss for the week £12.7 (196 pips)
Loss since start £47 304 pips

It was a dissapointing end to the week to give back all of the gains I had made on Friday.

See below for signal provider performance for the week

At the beginning of the week I added signal provider Batuki and set a stop loss of 100 pips, I have limited the number of pairs to exclude GBP/USD and EUR/USD and set max trades to 8. So far it hasn't worked out too well, the signal provider has been making good profits but I have made a loss.

Friday 25 November 2011

Zulutrade signal provider analysis - 25 November 2011

The above analysis of signal provider performance is as at 25 November 2011. I am trying to identify those signal providers who have a long term profitable history (with stop losses under 200 pips) and also those who are delivering profit over a more recent timeframe as measured by the most recent 20 trades.

This link explains how this zulutrade signal provider analysis is built up.

This link explains how the stop loss is applied in excel.

Zulutrade live results for week ended 25 November 2011

Profit for week £15 (199 pips)
Loss since start £34 (500 pips)

A small gain for the week, started off badly but recovered Ok. I need another 2 weeks like this and I will be back to break even.

Signal provider performance for the week

Another excellent week for Richter, this guy is some trader. Not such a good week for CO-FX-24.

Friday 18 November 2011

Zulutrade live results - 2 weeks to 18 November 2011

Profit for 2 week period £76 (1209 pips)
Loss since start £49 (300 pips)

The above results are for the 2 weeks 5 Nov to 18 November. Things are finally starting to move in the right direction, profit for the week was £76 which reduces my total loss now to £49. When I started out on Zulutrade I didn't think I'd be so happy to be down £49, but considering I lost half my money after the first week I will take it.

That said trading is still highly erratic and I haven't had much luck with adding new signal providers and  have been resorting to manual trading.  Out of the signal providers I am following Forex Cruise control and High Profit factor are the most consistent winners, I am comfortable with these providers. ClimberSB had a bad week as did Goldmaple who I added (at completely the wrong time). Richter has been the most successful signal provider I am following.

The next image shows signal provider history since the start, and looking at this it is not hard to see why I am making no money. Of all the 23 signal providers I have added since I started with Zulutrade only 5 have made a profit the rest have all been losers. Part of this is just plain bad timing, and a lot has to do with the market conditions. October and November haven't been easy trading with the goings on in Europe and BOJ intervention. This has made signal provider selection very difficult as the decision to add a provider is based upon historical data which is proving to be not so reliable in the current market. With this in mind I have cut the number of signal providers I am following to 5 (Richter, HighProfitFactor, Forex Cruise Control, ClimberSB, FORABCD)


Sunday 6 November 2011

Zulutrade signal provider performance - week ended 4 November 2011

The above image shows the signal providers stats I am tracking as of 4 November 2011. DreamsofFX, ETE, ClimberSB, Highprofit factor, COFX24 and Forex Cruise control are the best performing traders based on the most recent 20 trades.

Friday 4 November 2011

Zulutrade live results week ended 4 November 2011

Profit for the week £79.70 (652 pips)
Loss since start -£125 (-909 pips)

Finally a week of decent profits, it could have been much better but to finish the week with a profit of 652 pips I am happy. The week started very well following the BOJ intervention and holding 5 USD/JPN long positions over the weekend, at one point I was up 1200 pips however this was lost over the remainder of the week mainly on the EUR/USD pairing which was up and down like a toilet seat all week.

The above image shows signal provider profits for the week. Ignoring Manual trading Richter was the most profitable signal provider, followed by climber SB and Forex Cruise Control. I have dropped SakoFX and Timo, these SP's have engaged in crazy trading on the EUR/USD pair during the week and are too risky to follow. FORABCD also had a very bad week.

It is becoming clear that there are very few signal providers who are both profitable and consistent over a sustained period. The number is fewer once stop losses are applied. A good signal provider will wait and make few trades during periods of extreme volatility as was the case last week, the SP's who are in it for short term gains and maximum commissions will go chasing and double down on bad trades. As it stands the only two signal providers I have confidence in are Forex Cruise control and ClimberSB.